Steffen Consulting is mostly me, John Steffen. I’m a highly technical finance person who builds advanced spreadsheets and databases that automate almost any accounting or finance process. Excel is my primary playground. My finished product is more than just a bulletproof spreadsheet - it’s a data-efficient application. I can use Excel to work in concert with any number of other data formats or software programs, including Access, PowerPoint, Google Docs, text files, SAP, and SQL Server.

My experience spans the range from highly technical to broadly strategic. I’ve been in the work world since 1989 and have held line and management positions in accounting, finance, strategy, operations, and sales. If you’d like to see my experience broken down into resume-style pieces, please check out my profile on LinkedIn (that’s also the best way to get in touch with me).

My company can scale if the project is large enough for multiple people. If more personpower is needed, I can tap my network or I can use client resources. Either way, all time-tracking and billing will be done in a single cloud-based system to avoid confusion and make project management efficient.

It’s best if we talk, either in person or over the phone. I’m in the Chicago area and can meet anywhere in the region. Please get in touch via LinkedIn.