Steffen Consulting helps companies make sense of their data using standard Microsoft Applications like SQL/SSRS, Visual Studio, and Excel. The end result is that executives can run their businesses more effectively because they have better decision-making tools at their disposal. Steffen Consulting is most effective in the following three general areas.

1. Reporting Infrastructure

Companies with enterprise systems in place often need help reporting and presenting their data in usable formats. Sales reporting is the classic case. The system comes equipped with standard reports but they rarely satisfy the needs of any business. Deeper and more pertinent sales reporting that allows customized groupings, portrays margins/profits, and analyzes trends for predictive purposes are examples of where Steffen Consulting would focus to upgrade reporting.

2. Advanced Extraction and Analysis

Certain pieces of business information may not be readily available and additional processing may be needed before it can be efficiently used in reports or analytical applications. In these situations, more sophisticated programming is required as an interim step. Steffen Consulting can employ a variety of scripting and extraction methods, like Microsoft Visual Basic or Transact-SQL, to build the right tool for the job.

3. Project Management and Consulting

Certain businesses may not be large enough to have IT staffs, financial analysts, or database administrators. Steffen Consulting can help in these cases because they have experience in creating business information tools from scratch and can participate in all phases of the process, from conceptual planning and feasibility to user training. This service may also be helpful for businesses with budgetary or staffing constraints or for businesses that need a contractor to fill a specific role for a fixed time period. Steffen Consultng has the versatility to fit a wide range of needs.


Steffen Consulting is mostly me, John Steffen, but there are options to scale. If more resources are needed I can tap my network or use client resources. Either way, all time-tracking and billing will be done in a single, cloud-based system to avoid confusion and make project management efficient.

Please get in touch to discuss your project. I'm based in Northwest Ohio and I have deep roots in the Chicago area, so if you're proximate to either we can discuss in person. I'm also amenable to travel and prefer remote work, so there are no geographic constraints.

Your can contact me via LinkedIn, I'm in it every day and should get back to you promptly. You could also send an email using my first name and the top level domain of this site. Also, here is a link for a single-page, printable CV if needed.

I look forward to hearing from you.